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  • Brides-to-be can plan every detail of their wedding in one place.
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  • Your own business profile is connected to real weddings.
  • Be featured amongst the best of the Australian industry instead of being listed in a static database.
  • The go-to resource for brides-to-be.
  • Our team is highly expert in social media marketing and digital marketing to target the right clients to you.
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FAQs: Suppliers

It’s a one-stop-shop where you can plan your wedding. Browse real weddings to identify the best local suppliers.

The platform allows newlyweds (generally, recent brides) to share photos from their wedding which others can view in order to discover the local suppliers who made one aspect of a couple’s dream wedding possible.

We connect those planning their weddings with those who have completed their own. The sole purpose is to recommend suppliers to others planning their own weddings.

Easy! They just submit their wedding here!

Your newlyweds can submit their weddings here. Each time a new wedding gets uploaded to your portfolio, your ranking increases, moving you to the top of the page.

Oh hell no! We are not a traditional directory that simply lists your business Рboring!

Our platform is a tool that suppliers can use to market themselves.

Use Appy Wedding to show off your real weddings to your potential customers to let them know that newlyweds love and adore you!

We do a combination of digital marketing and social media marketing to appeal to our newly engaged couples.

If you want to know the nitty-gritty stuff behind our tips and tricks, that’s our secret sauce so we won’t be sharing that but we can tell you newly engaged couples use Appy Wedding on a daily basis!

In other words, we have taken the time to figure out days and times of days that work best so we target the best times/days through various channels.

We just launched Appy Wedding to the public in January 2018. We are so excited to announce that already at least 3000 unique visitors jump on Appy Wedding each month! And we are ranked #1 on Google!

Not at the moment, that’s why we are offering an unreal deal that’s will fit anyone’s budget. But we’re working on something bigger and better so watch this space!

A bride has recommended you which is why you are listed under the real wedding. In order to have a profile, that is a paid service – in order to do that, just submit your details here.

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